Let's get to the point - writing an impactful book is difficult to do on your own. You need a tribe to push you, motivate you and encourage your progress. I want to be a part of that tribe for you. Here's how I can help.


book editing

Once you finish writing your book, the next step is making sure that it's ready to be seen by potential publishers and other industry professionals before hitting the marketplace.


creative coaching

Do you feel stuck in your writing? Let me help you! Together we'll work through your blocks and bring life back to your creative process. I'll assist you with shifting from neutral to drive - because the world needs to read what you have to say.


career services

Maybe you're not working on a book but you need a writer to help you propel your professional communications. Resumes, biographies and speeches are just a few services in this category.



As a larger business or brand, a great deal of your success comes from sparking a genuine connection with your customers. Together we can come up with a communications strategy that continues to build on this connection. I also offer à la carte services.